VALORANT player misses kill with Jett’s ultimate but finishes 2 enemies with a normal knife

This was an unexpected turn of events.

Image via Riot Games

A casual VALORANT player seemingly had the opportunity to kill at least four defenders with Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm, which equips a set of accurate knives that recharge upon killing an opponent. But he messed up with the two last frags and had to improvise.

His team was leading 5-4 on Split and every player was alive in the 10th round when he activated Jett’s ultimate and killed a Raze who got out of a smoke in the A site. The player then moved forward and easily dealt with a Killjoy in A screens while his teammates were planting the spike and entered the A tower to rotate through the mid vent. He found one Reyna and one Omen with their backs to him but somehow missed the point-blank right-click attack on Reyna. Without the special knives, he had to pull out his normal knife to frag Reyna, who missed a couple of shots that could have killed him, and Omen, who tried a knife kill as well and hilariously missed all of the attempts.

Everything could have gone wrong for the Jett player but he was quick enough to adjust instead of panicking and also got a bit lucky that Reyna and Omen missed their chance to take him down. Getting knife kills like this VALORANT player got is one of those things that may have tilted the enemy team for the rest of the game.

Regardless of the luck involved, this VALORANT player really took “knife only” to another level.

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