VALORANT player highlights Sova line-up on Fracture

Players are constantly finding new Sova line-ups.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player found a new Sova line-up on Fracture covering almost all of A site, making it easier to attack or retake the area. 

Sova is one of the best VALORANT agents when it comes to helping his team gather crucial information on enemy movement. Players can use his Recon Bolt to see where enemies are hiding before pushing a site, allowing them to know how much resistance to expect or which spot they should check first. There are dozens of Sova line-ups on each map and every Sova main should always have a few up their sleeve. 

VALORANT player FritzeeMGTR posted a new line-up for A site on Fracture that covers most of the site. The line-up is from the attacker’s spawn, meaning players can use this strategy when attacking the A site. Defending players can also use this line-up if retaking A site and rotating from B. 

The line-up doesn’t reveal a few important spots, like the covered area on top of the site or behind the pillar on the lower end of the site. Teams shouldn’t solely rely on this dart when taking the site, but it can reveal enemies caught in the open. Some players also reported having trouble pulling off the line-up, so practice using it in a private match before jumping into an actual game. 

Combining this line-up with a well-coordinated attack can easily overwhelm enemies on the A site, so consider using it in a pinch.