VALORANT player highlights Neon lineup on Fracture

VALORANT players are getting creative with Neon's abilities.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently shared an easy lineup for Neon’s Relay Bolt that can assist teams pushing into B Site on Fracture from both sides simultaneously. 

Reddit user Savvy_fps highlighted a spot where Neon can use her Relay Bolt to stun enemies in two different locations on B Site with one bolt. Players need to stand next to the boxes in B Tree and aim for the tip of a building covered in foliage. If the Relay Bolt is thrown from this spot, it will land near the connector to the defender’s spawn before bouncing and landing in B Tower. The bolt concusses both areas it hits, meaning this lineup can stun two popular spots with ease. 

The lineup also allows players to assist their teammates pushing from the opposite side of the map, making it easier to enter the area. Combing this lineup with other agent abilities can significantly disorient and overwhelm defenders, making it much easier for attackers to take the site. 

This lineup is an excellent choice when first pushing into B Site on offense, but make sure to avoid using it repeatedly since the enemy team will start expecting it. The lineup also requires a bit of practice to perfect, but a few throws in a private lobby should do the trick. 

Neon is the newest agent in VALORANT and an excellent choice for players that want to consistently start gunfights or entry for their team. Lineups like this make her a more versatile choice and could make her viable at the highest levels of VALORANT