VALORANT player gets hit with Skye flash that lasts almost 15 seconds

Connection strength appears to have been the cause.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT has a number of agents with different abilities that can blind a player’s vision and allow for a quick opportunity to get the jump on other players.

In the case of one player, a flash from Skye seemed to have a drastically longer effect than usual, taking his vision away for almost 15 seconds.

In the clip, the player was approaching Ice Box’s B-Site when he was caught by Skye’s blind. There appears to have been no other flashes cast that would have extended its duration. The flash is traditionally only set to last between one and three seconds.

While it would be easy to assume that this is a bug within the game, thanks to commenters on the Reddit post who noticed some strange things in the clip, it’s more likely due to poor connection.

A similar situation occurred during one of 100T Steel’s streams in April and that appeared to be linked to packet loss from poor connection.

Fortunately, this means players don’t need to worry about any hidden Skye buff that has made the agent unbeatable. Unless you suffer a dodgy connection at the time of being flashed, as occurred in this clip, you shouldn’t encounter this problem yourself.