VALORANT player gets Ace with trigger discipline and a bit of stealth

This clip proves why you should always check corners.

Image via Riot Games

We’ve all seen, or perhaps been the player who rushes to get behind an enemy’s entry point on VALORANT with the goal to secure some early kills–but it doesn’t always work.

For user PerformingLegend, however, a little sneakiness paired with patience worked perfectly, showing off their handiwork while defending B site on BIND.

With a little setup, some trigger discipline and stealth to match, the player set themselves into position at B Garden. As enemies began to trade with other players defending B, the player began to unload on them one-by-one until only a single player remained.

Despite the misleading scouting from teammates on comms, the player stuck to their guns, turned the corner, and secured their Ace in B long.

This highlight reel ace is a good reminder for players to always check corners, otherwise, they may end up on the receiving end of a bullet.