VALORANT player gets ace in one second with Breach

The Swedish infiltrator gets a team-kill in the blink of an eye.

Image via Riot Games

An ace in VALORANT is always a special moment, and even more so when all five kills were in just one second.

Four opposing players died to one Breach player’s Aftershock, before following up with a couple of body-shots on the lone survivor.

Aftershock is one of Breach’s basic abilities, channeling through a wall and creating a massive burst of damage behind it. There is a short wind-up time, however, which gives enemies the chance to get out of its way. But sometimes, like in this instance, the placement is just too perfect for anyone to avoid.

While defending on Ascent, Breach sets up in the middle corridor connecting to A site. He heard the enemy team coming, then set the Aftershock charge to hit the choke point they would be funneled through. The enemy Astra put a smoke in this choke as well, which made it harder for her own team to see and avoid the Aftershock.

The three ticks of damage from the Aftershock took out the whole team except for Jett, who sneaked through. But she jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, becoming a sitting duck for Breach and his Vandal, and a few good shots was enough to clean up the kill.

Comments on the video were impressed by the speed of the ace, and the sentiments were shared by the surprised outbursts of the player’s teammates in voice chat. This clip serves as a warning to always be careful when going against a Breach, and never underestimate his abilities when used in good hands.