VALORANT player finds sneaky hiding spot on Haven, secures quick quadra kill

It's curtains for the enemy team.

Every day in the VALORANT closed beta, players find new spots and angles to help defend sites and surprise the enemy team. One player discovered a cheeky little boost spot on the map Haven earlier today that helped him grab an easy quadra kill for his team.

By using either Raze’s Blast Pack or Jett’s Updraft abilities, players can sit on top of the door in the garage area of the map. The enemy attackers won’t be able to see them since Riot implemented small curtains at the top of the door that block vision from the outside.

These curtains were actually placed by Riot in response to a strategy where Sage could create a barrier to boost her allies to peek through a small crack at the top and take down enemies.

This was ultimately patched out with the addition of the curtains. But now, players can’t see if someone is hiding above when rushing into Garage. As a result, defenders can still take advantage of this spot if they think someone will rush into the area without looking up.

This player showed how effective this spot could be, especially against a team on an eco round. Shotguns aren’t usually a weapon that many people favor, but from this close range, one blast to the head is all that someone needs to eliminate their opponents.

The player wasn’t able to grab the ace, but it was enough to help his team secure the round. VALORANT players will need to learn to check this spot before running into Garage blindly, though—unless they want to watch the rest of the round from the perspective of their teammates.