VALORANT player eyes world record after 50-round match

Hope nobody had to use the bathroom.

Image via Riot Games

After an hour and a half, 13 overtimes, and 50 total rounds, one VALORANT player is wondering if they broke a world record.

VALORANT player u/weskkc posted images earlier this morning of a lengthy 26-24 victory that lasted one hour and 28 minutes. The overtime battle was in a high-rank lobby filled with Radiant and Immortal players.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“Curious if this is the world record for longest game in VALORANT history,” weskkc said. “Absolutely insane way to get my first Radiant dorito.”

The player with the most recorded kills in the match had 49, one shy of the coveted 50 bomb—and every player hit at least 25 frags. The players combined for over 350 total kills.

It’s also impressive that no player opted for a tie throughout the 13 overtimes. After the third overtime, only one vote is required to end the game in a draw. Yet all 10 players were committed to seeing this one to the end, regardless of full bladders or fatigue setting in.

While it’s unclear if this truly is the longest game in VALORANT history, a Rioter commented on the post saying they’d “take a look at the data to see if any matches went longer.”

This article will be updated if Riot confirms or denies that the match holds the record.