VALORANT player discovers Viper line-up for retaking Fracture’s B site with ease

That was quick.

Image via Riot Games

Even though VALORANT‘s new map was released less than 24 hours ago, players are already workshopping line-ups.

Fracture is a hectic map with many angles and tons of flank potential, forcing teams to execute quickly or risk being pinched. One Viper player found a line-up that should help squads take Fracture’s B site with ease.

When pushing through B Main, Viper players can toss their Poison Cloud so that it blocks the vantage from B Tower. Throw in a Toxic Screen that cuts off Canteen and Generator, and teams can quickly execute with only having to clear the site.

To land the Poison Cloud, players need to stand behind the boxes on B Tree, looking at a specific point in the sky and jumping in the air while casting the ability. It should land right in front of B Tower, forcing an enemy to either back off or push onto the site. The Toxic Screen can be cast on a wall at B Main’s entrance, cutting off half of the site with ease.

On a map that offers tons of angles, this strategy allows teams the rare opportunity to not concern themselves with the enemy’s whereabouts. Once on-site, then teams will have to efficiently play the post-plant scenario. But this line-up likely offers a high success rate for taking B.

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