VALORANT player discovers two bugged ledges on Split

Don't get caught off-guard from these positions.

New maps usually come with some bugs and exploits that players are able to take advantage of to reach usually inaccessible positions, but it isn’t often that these are found on older maps, especially those available since launch.

This is the case with two new ledges, discovered by VALORANT YouTuber TPAXTOP on the map Split. In two videos, TPAXTOP showcased the bugs they’d discovered, which allow players to stand upon rooftop ledges at two points near the A-site.

Both of these positions are quite easy to reach with the right champions. In his video, the YouTuber uses Jett to easily boost and glide with Updraft. Another user replicated this process with Raze’s blast pack.

It isn’t clear when these bugged ledges appeared in the game. Now identified and likely brought to Riot’s attention, they’ll both likely be patched out in a future update. But for the time being, make sure to be wary, so you don’t get caught by someone exploiting these bugged ledges.