VALORANT player discovers Sova audio glitch

The bug allows players to activate Sova's ultimate ability voice line without actually using it.

Image via Riot Games

A new audio bug in VALORANT allows players to activate the agent’s ultimate ability voice line without using the ability. This can be an unfair advantage since players can fool their enemies into thinking they are using the ability while still being able to defend themselves. 

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury ability allows him to fire three long-range, wall-piercing energy blasts. Each blast takes a few seconds to activate, and players can see where the blast will fire for a few seconds, which provides a chance to escape. Enemies hit directly with a blast are killed, and partially hit enemies will take significant damage. 

When Sova’s ultimate ability is activated, a specific voice line can be heard by all players. This alerts enemies that three deadly blasts are about to fire and serves as a warning. But a new bug allows Sova players to activate the voice line without actually using the ability. 

A player uploaded a video showing how to activate the bug, which is easy to recreate. Players must have their ultimate ability and recon drone available for it to work. If players simultaneously activate both abilities, the ultimate voice line will activate, despite Sova only pulling out his recon drone. 

This can cause enemy players to expect Sova’s blast, even though they are still walking around freely. While this will not damage enemies directly, it can still confuse the enemy team. 

Players can seemingly recreate the glitch repeatedly as long as they still have both abilities. The player posted the bug in the VALORANT Bug megathread, so hopefully for players, Riot Games will notice and resolve the issue soon.