VALORANT player discovers out-of-bounds Killjoy Nanoswarm spot on Split

Think twice before sticking a defuse in this spot.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently found an excellent post-plant line-up on Split using Killjoy’s Nanowarm grenade—and it’s almost impossible to counter. 

Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenade is an excellent way to protect a planted Spike without putting yourself in danger. Players can place the Nanoswarm in a well-hidden position and activate it when they hear the enemy attempting to defuse it. 

VALORANT player Miirab found a new Nanoswarm spot on Split just outside of the A site. Killjoy can bounce her Nanoswarm off the wall in the back corner of the site, which lands directly behind the wall. If attackers plant in this corner, Killjoy can activate her Nanoswarm and prevent them from defusing it. Players can also place both of the Nanoswarm grenades to continuously prevent a defuse. 

It’s impossible to shoot the Nanoswarms through the wall, meaning players can’t spam the area before defusing. KAY/O can destroy the grenades, but most players are unlikely to use an ability in this area. This also requires Killjoy to stay alive after the plant, so make sure to guard your Killjoy player at all costs. 

Using abilities outside of the map is genuinely considered an exploit, though, meaning this won’t likely appear in professional matches. Some players might be upset if they encounter this spot in a regular match, so try to avoid using it repeatedly.

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