VALORANT player discovers new wall glitch by using Sova’s drone

Beware of this glitch when defending B site.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found another exploit involving Sova’s Drone that allows them to see through walls on Split. 

The unique abilities each agent has is VALORANT allow players to have a competitive advantage over enemies, but they also can be used to break the game in some cases. Players have used Sova’s arrows to gain an unfair advantage in the past, but the Agent’s Drone is the tool needed for the latest exploit.

A VALORANT player showed how Sova’s Drone can glitch into the wall near B bombsite on Split. The player used Sage’s wall to boost above the ceiling and deployed the drone in a specific location. When done correctly, the drone goes into the wall and can see almost all of the bombsite. The drone can also move up higher and see players in Haven covering the bombsite and the connector to mid.

The player also showed how the drone can even see most of mid when maneuvered correctly, which means this one spot can show most of the map with little risk. 

A Sova player could easily tell their advancing teammates where enemy players are on site which would make taking the bombsite much easier. It doesn’t seem like enemies can shoot the drone while it is inside the wall, so there is no counter for this exploit. 

Riot Games has quickly fixed these types of exploits and glitches in the past, so hopefully for fans, this bug will be fixed within the next few days.