VALORANT player discovers broken Cypher spycam location that lets you see all of Bind

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

It appears VALORANT’s Cypher has one message to his fellow agents—big brother is always watching.

Mixer streamer Womba121 unveiled a subtle spycam location today that reveals Bind in its entirety.

“So I found this camera spot on Bind with Cypher, obviously, and it’s a bit overpowered in terms of what you can see, which is pretty much everything,” Womba said.

To pull the exploit off, place the spycam on the frame of the teleporter found in A mid. Womba said you’ll know if the bug worked when you hear the teleporter sound as if an item or ability went through.

When switching to the spycam, you get an underside view of the entire map. Since the floor is transparent, players can see their enemies and allies as they traverse Bind.

Some key locations that are visible from the spycam are showers, hookah (outside and inside), A short, A site, Uhaul, B site, B long, and so on. Womba admits there are a few blind spots in spawn, but the majority of the map is still visible.

While you can’t hit an enemy with the dart to reveal them, you can still shoot it through the teleporter to make the sound and bamboozle your enemies. And you can still ping their locations and give information to your allies.

It’s unlikely that this camera spot will remain in the game. VALORANT devs will likely patch it out before ranked mode goes live.