VALORANT player discovers Ascent audio bug that plays wrong footstep sound on Catwalk

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

The latest VALORANT bug may force players to get their hearing checked.

One VALORANT player discovered a potentially game-breaking audio bug on Ascent, posting their findings today. It appears that the game’s engine picks up the wrong footstep sound on Mid Catwalk, which can easily confuse opposing players. Dot Esports tested the bug out in a custom game and found similar results.

Walking on Catwalk makes a distinct sound as an agent’s feet hit the metallic walkway. By standing on the outer edge of the ledge, however, the footsteps make a grass sound instead. For enemies holding A Tree, they might peek out and expect to see their opponent running in the grassy courtyard. This would throw off their aim and potentially cost them their life.

The same audio bug also appears in Split’s B Catwalk, which makes it sound like you’re running on grass. This is less effective, however, because there’s no grass present on Split’s B site.

It’s unclear if Riot is aware of the audio bug, which may have slipped through in Patch 3.0. But it’ll likely be hotfixed in a future patch due to its negative effect on competitive integrity.

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