VALORANT player creates cardboard version of Prime Vandal

The Prime Vandal is even better in real life.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A talented VALORANT player recently created a real-life version of the Prime Vandal made out of cardboard, colored paper sheets, and glossy photo paper. 

The Prime Vandal is a popular skin in VALORANT that adds a unique aesthetic to the powerful rifle. But players rarely have a chance to purchase the cosmetic unless it appears in their daily shop, which is random. 

Since they couldn’t get the skin in-game, the player built their own in real life with materials they had on hand. The cardboard Prime Vandal is 75-centimeters long and features the iconic color scheme and design of its in-game inspiration. 

The Vandal took two weeks to make and didn’t require a 3D printer, but it did require patience and dedication. The cardboard weapon is slightly less detailed than the in-game version, but this is expected considering the materials and building process. 

The player also created a small video showing the weapon in action with added effects like muzzle flash and recoil. They even recreated the inspect animation in VALORANT to showcase the intricacies of the gun.

Other players expressed their appreciation of the cardboard weapon and many conveyed their interest in creating their own version. Some also suggested the possibility of an in-game cardboard VALORANT skin, which would be a creative and unique cosmetic item. 

The cardboard Prime Vandal might not give you access to the in-game version of the skin, but it’s still an impressive item that’s worth attempting to recreate.

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