VALORANT player believes knife kills should “deny ult charge”

There should be an incentive besides embarrassing your opponent.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Knifing an opponent in VALORANT is an incredible feat that allows for maximum disrespect—and some players think they should be rewarded for it.

One VALORANT fan argued today that knife kills should deny your opponent an ultimate charge, which is typically awarded to players when they die.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“This way, you get a tangible but not game-breaking tactical reward for knifing people,” the fan said. “The shame of getting embarrassed would shatter an agent’s confidence and keep them from whipping out their oversized rocket or exposing their weirdass carbon-fiber-clad head to the world.”

It’s difficult to pull off a knife kill in Riot’s tactical shooter, especially if your opponents have assault rifles or abilities. So sneaking up on enemies with ninja-like stealth needs to be further incentivized. While humiliating your adversary is a plus, the player suggests denying an ultimate charge is an adequate pay-off.

Other fans commented that it would be even better for a knife kill to “steal” an ultimate charge away. This wouldn’t award your enemy a charge when dying, but give you an extra charge instead.

But others explain that some form of “snowball abuse” would arise from this mechanic.

“In the event either team is up 5:1 or a comparably unlikely winnable situation it could then be meta to have a few people tag/hit scan legs or chest to slow, then half your team runs them down and denies an already much needed ult point since you just lost an important eco round anyway,” one fan said.

It’s unclear if Riot has plans to incentivize knife kills in the future. But since CS:GO awards players with extra cash for stabbing enemies, Riot may follow suit.

VALORANT will be officially released out of closed beta on June 2.