VALORANT Patch 3.03 reverts Viper ultimate to no longer start from cursor placement

This change should go live with the patch later today.

Image via Riot Games

Today is a sad day for Viper mains.

The toxic agent seemingly received a nifty buff in VALORANT Patch 3.01, allowing Viper’s ultimate to form from her cursor placement rather than where she’s standing. But Patch 3.03 will revert that change, with Riot claiming it was a bug that accidentally shipped.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“We think that Viper’s Pit can be a very potent tool for holding an area,” according to the patch notes. “Given that impact, it’s important that her team pays the cost of securing ground before she can place her ult, as opposed to being able to cast it forward into areas without giving up her position.”

This change has big implications for Viper’s gameplay since she’ll once again have to sacrifice her positioning to cast her ultimate. Viper’s Pit can be extremely powerful in securing an area, offering few ways to counter the ability. Now that it’s returned to its old state, enemies can briefly identify Viper’s location before her toxins consume a site. This additional intel allows teams to spray in the direction that Viper’s Pit begins forming, potentially getting a pick and putting an end to the ability.

VALORANT Patch 3.03 should go live later today.