VALORANT Patch 1.01 adds new orbs to Spike Rush

The new orbs add fun abilities to the game mode.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 1.01 introduced several new orb types to Spike Rush today that add variety to the short, fun game mode.

Each game of Spike Rush will feature five randomly-selected orbs for players to collect. The Full Ultimate orb will always be available and the four other orbs will be selected at random. The chosen orb types will be displayed in a widget in the character select screen and during the pre-round. 

There are three new orb types for players to enjoy: The Health Orb, Deception Orb, and Golden Gun. 

The Health Orb instantly grants the entire team with health regeneration for 20 seconds. Players regenerate 12 HP per second, which is accompanied by an audio cue when healing. 

The Deception Orb applies Omen’s “Paranoia” effect to the enemy team for three seconds. Players affected by the orb have limited visibility and hear fake footsteps and gunfire. Their minimap is also disabled while affected by the orb. 

The Golden Gun orb grants players a Golden Gun, which is a one shot, one kill weapon. Players with the Golden Gun have perfect accuracy at all times and move as if they always have their knife out. The Golden Gun only has one bullet in the chamber, however, and players only have two backup rounds. Players can earn another round for their weapon by acquiring kills. 

The new orbs in Spike Rush add more variety to the fast-paced game mode and can turn the tides of a round instantly.