VALORANT Masters Reykjavik day three viewership peaks at 750,000 during NA and EU matches

Hundreds of thousands of fans tuned in to see the North American and European teams compete.

Image via Riot Games

Day three of the VALORANT Masters Reykjavik tournament featured some of the best VALORANT series to date as both North American teams defeated their European opponents in intense matches. The games also drew just under 750,000 viewers as fans worldwide watched the best teams compete. 

Masters Reykjavik viewership peaked at 750,000 viewers, including the official Twitch streams and costreamers, according to industry analyst Slasher. The match between Team Vikings and X10 Esports attracted a healthy amount of traffic, but hundreds of thousands of fans flocked to the highly anticipated matches between the North American and European teams.

Version1 defeated Team Liquid in an intense three-game series, and Sentinels beat Fnatic in a 2-0 series. All four teams were considered some of the best going into the tournament, and the streaming numbers show just how excited fans were for the match-ups. 

The Team Liquid vs. Version 1 match peaked at just under 750,000 viewers, and the Sentinels vs. Fnatic series drew 720,000 viewers, according to Esports Charts.

Sullygnome shows that popular streamer Shroud peaked at just over 272,000 viewers during the Sentinels and Fnatic series and maintained an average viewership of 193,00 throughout the day. The official VALORANT Twitch channel peaked at 143,000 viewers during the same series. 

The day three games were available on several channels in multiple languages, which helped provide a way for fans in almost every region to enjoy a stream in their native language. These viewership stats show just how popular VALORANT has become. The stats will likely increase as the tournament progresses and the best teams in the world compete for the title. 

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