VALORANT Haven map guide

Haven, go easy on me.

Image via Riot Games

Haven is one of the more interesting maps in the VALORANT map pool. Each map has a unique gimmick, and Haven’s third site gimmick perhaps has the largest effect on overall strategy from either a defensive or attacking perspective.

On paper, a third site should benefit the attacking side, as it forces the defenders to split their forces three ways. For either side, specific knowledge of the callouts on each of the three sites is pivotal to finding success on Haven.

Here’s a full guide to all the callouts on Haven, specific callouts for all three sites, and how to approach each site on defense and offense.

Haven layout and basic callouts

Image via Riot Games

Here is the in-game map for Bind, with most of the basic callouts listed. This map doesn’t include specific callouts for the A site, B site, or C site, however.

Haven A site callouts, strats, and tips

Image via Riot Games

Here are the basic callouts for Haven’s A site. The Long A corridor leads to the site entrance between Flower pot and Tower, and the Short A corridor (also known as Sewer) leads to the entrance between Tower and Short stack.

For attackers, a basic strat is to smoke off Heaven, and flash into the site to clear out defenders hiding in the corners like Flower Pot. Agents with molotov/grenade/AOE abilities like Viper, KAY/O, Astra, or Brimstone can clear out these corners too, in addition to other spots like Hell and behind A-box. Agents like Omen and Jett can get on top of positions like Tower and Short stack but risk putting themselves in the open.

Defenders will be under attack from all the smokes and utility attackers are going to use to get on the site. Their best bet is to wait for the spike to be planted and push through smokes, or let attackers plant and just play retakes. A defender playing aggressive Long or in Sewers can gather info and maybe get a free pick to start the round.

Haven B site callouts, strats, and tips

Image via Riot Games

These are the basic callouts to know for B. Unlike other sites, there aren’t as many features you need to be aware of. The only other spot not shown is the A-Link that leads to the A site, and the back of the site that features a cubby behind a gong.

Attacking B is tough, because there’s only one attacker-side entrance from mid, and it’s close-quarters with lots of spots for defenders to shoot from and retreat to. A popular strat is to smoke off the A and C-Link, wall off the back half of the site, and get a quick plant down right in front of the entrance from mid. Attackers can then retreat back to mid and hold off the retake from there.

Defending B isn’t too challenging, and can be accomplished by a single agent. Keep the mid-to-B connector smoked off, and the attackers will think twice about jumping into the site blind.

Haven C site callouts, strats, and tips

Image via Riot Games

Here are the callouts for the C site on Haven. There are multiple spammable surfaces spread across the site, with one defender-sided entrance, one attack-sided entrance, and a connector from Garage.

For attackers, your safest strat is a double-pronged attack from C Long and Connector. Take control of Garage to access Connector, and use smokes or walls to move down C Long until you’re right next to the C site entrance. Use flashes and timing to get onto the site and clear corners.

For the defending side, peek down Long C if it isn’t smoked off, using C-Box for cover (using Plat as cover isolates you from being able to retreat if needed). If Long C is smoked off, get into hiding spots while watching Long C and Connector and wait for the push.