VALORANT game designer Volcano addresses community concerns on current map designs

Some people weren't too fond of the amount of corners people could hide in.

Image via Riot Games

Over the past few days, the VALORANT community has voiced complaints about the design of the closed beta’s three available maps, and how many corners there are for people to hide in. Riot Games’ senior game designer Sal “Volcano” Garozzo addressed these concerns on his stream, saying that there’s a reason for the maps having been designed that way.

“There is a reason for it being that way, given how much flush utility and recon utility is in the game,” Volcano said. “Once teams get really proficient at using that on attacker’s side, it ends up being really helpful having those corners.”

He also said that Riot had a version of VALORANT where they didn’t have as many deep corners, and it apparently became difficult to hold any spots with the amount of utility that’s at the disposal of the attacking side.

There are numerous abilities that can either scout out enemy positions or force them out of favorable angles. Once players and teams are able to coordinate their abilities and find the best place to use their utility, those deep corners shouldn’t be much of a problem anymore.

With only a month of beta access, players are still trying to adjust and adapt their gameplay to VALORANT‘s playstyle. There will be moments where people will find new corners and hiding spots, but hopefully for players, they will be able to learn the maps and remember where to check constantly with their own agent utility.

Although VALORANT is in a closed beta state, the official launch should be ready for the public this coming summer.