VALORANT Game Changers Championship marks new viewership milestone for women’s esports

The future is bright.

Image via Riot Games

The highly anticipated 2022 VALORANT Game Changers Championship, which concluded two days ago, has become the most-watched tournament for female esports, according to Esports Charts

The tournament, which was the culmination of the female competitive circuit for the year, saw the best teams in the world face off against each other to finalize the top Game Changers squad. 

The Game Changers Championship is ranked No. 1 for the most hours watched for female tournaments with over 5 million total. It is ranked second for peak viewership with almost 240,000, which is behind the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women’s Invitational. This tournament peaked at 392,405 viewers, according to Esports Charts. 

Mobile Legends and VALORANT are two games from completely different genres and are played on different hardware, however. 

The Game Changers Championship was won by G2 Gozen, with Shopify Rebellion in second place. The grueling grand final saw G2 Gozen pull off an impressive comeback to successfully reverse sweep the North American representatives, winning 3-2. 

The viewership for the event came across multiple different channels and co-streamers, such as Tarik and TenZ. But neither of them secured the top spot with the main VALORANT Twitch channel receiving the most viewers. 

The future of Game Changers seems bright with the viewership reflecting the success of the tournament. Game Changers will run parallel to the main VALORANT Champions Tour circuit next year with another Championship tournament likely toward the end of the year.


George Geddes
George is an investigative journalist from the United Kingdom.

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