VALORANT fan designs incredibly detailed website for the game and its characters

Hibernating till VALORANT’s launch is not an option.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ new first-person shooter is expected to launch this summer, and with VALORANT’s release rapidly approaching, time has started to slow down for fans of the game. One creative member of the game’s community has taken it upon themselves to help fellow fans pass the time with game art and various designs.

Web designer Dmitry “UnEpicKid” Kiiashko recently shared his version of the hero pages, which have not yet been released by Riot. His design blends in with the overall theme of the official VALORANT website, and the VALORANT community seems to approve.

Image via Dmitry Kiiashko

The information page created by the artist includes the lore of the character, abilities and their descriptions, and a video guide for each attack showcasing how it should be used. On the bottom of the page, you can also see the most popular guns for a given character.

If Riot is taking any notes, a design similar to this would likely be appreciated by fans throughout the community. An automatic rotation of guns as the meta evolves alongside guides and maybe some community content on the side to promote content creators could also be a nice addition.

VALORANT is expected to be launched this summer with 10 playable characters. Five of these characters will be locked, however. To unlock the rest of the characters, players will either need to spend money or their hard-earned in-game currency. Currently, we know about seven of these characters with more information about the others to come.