VALORANT dev shares thoughts on why making Jett’s dash go in the direction you’re facing won’t ‘solve the core of the problem’

How would you fix Jett?

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT developer Ryan Cousart shared his thoughts about a suggested change to Jett’s dash and how it won’t “solve the core of the problem” that the agent presents right now.

Jett is one of the best agents in VALORANT at this time with an incredible ability set that’s deadly in the right hands. Patch 3.06, the latest update implemented earlier today, added a much-needed nerf that slightly helped reduce Jett’s dominance. Jett now has two smokes instead of three and her ultimate ability no longer refills when the alternate fire option is used. 

While these updates helped balance Jett, many players believe they weren’t a strong enough nerf. Many have suggested adjusting Jett’s Tailwind ability, making it propel players in the direction they’re facing instead of the direction they’re moving. But not all parties agree with this suggestion, including Cousart. 

The VALORANT dev explained on Twitter that this adjustment doesn’t solve the core problem that Jett presents and introduces “input complexity.” This would impact the satisfaction while using Jett and tarnishes part of the charm that makes her a fun agent to use. Cousart also mentioned how high-level players would quickly trivialize the change since their skill level and mastery of VALORANT mechanics would allow them to adapt. 

Adjusting Jett’s Tailwind might not be the solution needed to balance the character. But it’s clear further changes are needed because she’s still an unstoppable force when a talented player is in control.

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