VALORANT data miner shows off upcoming skins, including Candy Cane melee and Winter Wonderland guns that react to light

Just in time for the holidays.

Image via Riot Games

As if buying holiday gifts wasn’t enough, Riot is giving VALORANT players another reason to open up their wallets.

Data miner VALORANT Leaks showed off a slew of skins potentially releasing for the holidays. Winter Wonderland cosmetics for the Ghost, Marshall, Phantom, and Vandal feature a snowy village draped in holiday decorations. And the scene changes from night to day depending on whether you’re standing in light or shade.

A Candy Cane melee weapon will also join the festivities, letting you smack enemies with the peppermint delight. The “Winterwunderland” skins won’t have a finisher animation. And since they’re similar to the previous Nebula Collection, they may be in the same price bracket.

The data miner also showcased the BlastX Collection for the Frenzy, Spectre, Phantom, Odin, and melee. The cosmetics are reminiscent of toy guns and use similar hues to Toy Story‘s Buzz Lightyear. And the finisher animation wraps enemies like a present before disappearing.

Patch 1.14 is currently live. Players can view these skins when browsing guns in the Collection Tab. They’ll probably hit the store after the Sensation Collection leaves.