VALORANT bug allows Yoru to see enemies beneath the map while teleporting

Yoru is more effective than you think.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have discovered a new bug that lets Yoru glitch through the bottom of the map while teleporting, allowing him to see enemies around the map. 

Yoru’s Gatecrash ability is an excellent option for players trying to outmaneuver enemies or to escape danger. Most players will activate it in a strategic spot for later use out of harm’s way, while others will use it aggressively to try and flank opponents. But players have found a new way to use the Gatecrash ability to gather information for their team by glitching beneath the map to spy on unsuspecting enemies.

VALORANT player TPAXTOP uploaded a short video showing the bug in action. Yoru must place the Gatecrash ability near an awning in A main on Bind and stand in a specific corner spot of the awning for the bug to work. If done correctly, once Yoru activates the ability, he’ll glitch through the floor and can see most of the surrounding area. Players can call out enemies to their teammates or plan accordingly based on their position. 

It’s unclear if this glitch is replicable in other spots or on other maps, but it still provides a significant advantage considering Yoru has the Gatecrash ability every round. The bug does take a bit of practice to master, but dedicated Yoru players can easily spy on the enemy team with ease.

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