VALORANT adds left-handed view model in Patch 1.11

Additional quality of life changes were made as well.

Image via Riot Games

In addition to an overwhelming amount of buffs, nerfs, and general changes, Riot Games has added the option to play VALORANT in left-handed mode in the game’s latest patch.

The change is completely optional but still presents a new viewpoint on the game’s HUD to those who want it. 

The left-handed view model is a popular setting across the tactical FPS genre. It’s been a staple in games like CS:GO for years. In fact, many pro players use the left-handed setting because of the fact that it opens up a wide portion of the screen previously covered up by the view-model of your weapon.

Image via Riot Games

To activate the left-handed view model in VALORANT, players will have the opportunity to make the swap in the settings menu under the “Left-Handed” option. Additionally, by changing your view model to left-handed, all players that you spectate will also hold their weapons in left-handed mode. 

This change comes alongside a few other quality of life updates made by Riot in Patch 1.11. Beyond the left-handed update, players will have the option to respond to direct messages by clicking on the message in chat instead of having to type out the name of the message’s sender. Additional quality of life changes were made to the game’s social panel, as well as the system surrounding team colors for observers. 

VALORANT Patch 1.11 is set to go live on all servers today.