The Vandal was the deadliest VALORANT weapon of 2020

Players have achieved the most kills with the Vandal since launch.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT took the gaming world by storm this year when thousands of players jumped into the new tactical shooter. The similarities to other games like CS:GO and Overwatch made it easy for players to adapt and players have a wide range of weapons at their disposal.

Riot Games revealed the three most deadly weapons of the year and finally settled the argument on which weapon is the most popular earlier today.

The Vandal was the deadliest weapon based on its number of kills since launch, according to Riot. The Phantom and Spectre were the second and third deadliest weapons in VALORANT, respectively. Many players enjoy the Vandal’s high damage, eliminating enemies with a single headshot at long distances. 

But the Vandal is unforgiving and tough to master, which has led to other players preferring the Phantom. The Phantom also deals massive damage and is silenced. Both weapons are viable choices in most situations, too. 

The Vandal was the popular choice during the VALORANT closed beta, but many players have added the Phantom to their repertoire. Both weapons are used by pros who will swap the weapons out based on the map and situation. Players can be effective with either the Vandal or Phantom, but the results indicate a preference for the Vandal. 

The third deadliest weapon was the Spectre, a silenced submachine gun capable of dealing massive damage up close. This is a solid choice for players who can’t afford a rifle but want to buy alongside their teammates.

Riot is continuously adjusting weapons to make them balanced, so other guns could start to see more use in the future. Players can compare the deadliest weapons at the end of 2021 to see if alternatives replace the top three weapons from VALORANT’s first year.