The last VALORANT Night Market of 2022 is finally here

Some players could get a rare skin for a good price.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The VALORANT Night Market is one of the players’ favorite events in the game, partly for the element of surprise for what skins will pop in it, and also for the discounts of skins that they can get. Some will be lucky, and others might be disappointed, but it’s all in good fun for those who love getting skins for a good deal in the game.

The next Night Market is set to begin on Dec. 7, and there’s a long period of time for this one since the end date is Jan. 4. Typically, Night Markets last about three weeks, but this one is four. The reason for the extension in time could be numerous holidays that occur within that time, but players will have a good amount of time to parse through their options this time around.

The last Night Market took started in late September and lasted until mid-October, giving players a chance to scoop up some skin deals, if they get some that they want. The Night Market is always hit-or-miss for most players. Some get super lucky and get popular and well-sought-after skins at a great discount, while others don’t even make a purchase.

Players who miss out on this Night Market will likely have another month or two to wait for the next one, but the event is pretty frequent within the game. This is the 13th Night Market the game has ever had since the game released in 2020.

Those looking to get their hands on some discounted skins can log into VALORANT starting Dec. 7 to see what lady luck has brought them.