Tfue VALORANT settings, keybinds, and crosshair

No matter the game, Tfue will perform the same.

Screengrab via Tfue

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

Tfue has been in the content creating industry since 2015. He sets himself apart from his competition in every game he plays due to his talents, and VALORANT isn’t an exception to this.

Like most gamers, Tfue was also intrigued by the release of VALORANT and the game’s potential. After starting to stream VALORANT after its beta release, Tfue showed that his shooter skills were universal since he had no trouble adjusting to the game or performing to his standards.

If your goal is to play VALORANT like Tfue, then copying his settings can be an excellent start to kick-start your journey. Doing so will allow you to understand his in-game decision better.

Most of the following settings are optimized for the most efficient VALORANT experience, but some can also be up to personal preference. If you feel like something feels off, don’t hesitate to make any adjustments since you can only make these settings better by giving your spin.

Tfue’s mouse settings

Like in Fortnite, Tfue also prefers keeping his mouse sensitivity on the lower end of the scale in VALORANT. Using lower sensitivity levels may look sluggish at first, but with practice, tracking enemies becomes easier.

Tfue uses a Razer Viper Ultimate wireless mouse, which only weighs 0.16 pounds (74 grams), to make mouse movements easier, and combines it with an XL mousepad for more moving space for his mouse. 

eDPI188Invert MouseOff
Polling Rate500 HzScoped Sensitivity Multiplier1
[Razer Viper Ultimate]

Tfue’s key bindings

Tfue prefers an entirely different layout for his ability keybinds. He moves away from the standard “Q-E-C-X” and plays with a customized “F-Q-E-T” ability key setup. His take on the default version allows him to reach three of his abilities with his index finger easier than the original.

The second significant adjustment he made is to the Jumping keybind, Tfue uses his Mouse Wheel Down and Up to jump, which makes consecutive jumps smoother after prolonged usage.

WalkLeft ShiftEquip Primary Weapon3
Equip Secondary Weapon2Equip Melee Weapon1
Use/Equip Ability: 1FUse/Equip Ability: 2Q
Use/Equip Ability: 3EUse/Equip Ability:T
JumpMouse Wheel Up / DownCrouchLeft Ctrl
Equip Spike4Use ObjectR
Enemy Highlight ColorRed
[A custom mechanical keyboard by Taeha Types]

Tfue’s video settings

Though Tfue has a state-of-the-art computer equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI, he preferred keeping almost all of his graphical settings at their minimum value while playing Fortnite. His approach to VALORANT is slightly different, however, since the game isn’t a battle royale. Fewer people in a lobby allows players to crank-up their settings without any visible performance drops.

Tfue keeps all of his visual settings at their maximum values except for his UI quality, which only changes the look of the buttons and other elements scattered around the user interface.

Display ModeFullscreenResolution 1920 x 1080 (240 Hz)
Limit FPS AlwaysOffMaterial QualityHigh
Texture QualityHighDetail QualityHigh
UI QualityLowVignetteOn
V-SyncOffAnti-AliasingMSAA 4x
Anisotropic Filtering8xImprove ClarityOff
First Person ShadowsOn
[NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI]

Tfue’s crosshair settings

Choosing an easily distinguishable crosshair color allows players to keep track of their aim, even while aiming at the most colorful surfaces. Aiming at a surface with the same color as your crosshair can make it significantly harder to adjust your aim.

Tfue prefers the color Red and keeps his Movement, and Firing error settings turned off. Though these settings are helpful for players that are new to VALORANT, they can become unnecessary if you know most of the recoil and spread patterns.

Outline Opacity1Outline Thickness1
Center DotOnCenter Dot Opacity1
Center Dot Thickness1Fade Crosshair With Firing ErrorOff
Show Spectated Player’s CrosshairOnInner Line Opacity1
Inner Line Length5Inner Line Thickness2
Inner Line Offset3Inner Lines Movement ErrorOff
Inner Lines Firing ErrorOffOuter Line Opacity0
Outer Line Length0Outer Line Thickness0
Outer Line Offset0Outer Lines Movent ErrorOff
Outer Line Firing ErrorOff

Tfue’s other general settings

Show Map Region NamesAlwaysShow CorpsesOn
Show BloodOffInstability IndicatorsOn
Show Bullet TracersOn