TenZ pulls off incredible trickshots in VALORANT

Blink and you might miss one of these amazing shots.

Photo via Blast Pro Series

TenZ killed two enemies in VALORANT with incredible flicks, bunny hops, and a 360 for good measure last night during a ranked match.

TenZ is undoubtedly one of the best VALORANT players in North America. He helped Sentinels win Masters One and qualify for the Stage Two Challengers Two Finals, which will allow the top two teams to compete at the first international VALORANT LAN event, Masters Two, in Iceland. 

While it’s clear that he’s one of the best players in a professional setting, some might forget about the incredible plays TenZ can pull off when the stakes are much lower.

Late last night, during a ranked match, TenZ was defending the B site from the remaining two defenders. His team was down four rounds and defending the Spike would help his team win a crucial round.

The first enemy player flashed TenZ, but this only postponed the inevitable. TenZ repealed the player and one tapped them with an impressive flick. He 360’d back into the site while bunny hopping and immediately pushed the final enemy near the A site. 

TenZ didn’t lose momentum and pushed the enemy with ease. He turned the corner and landed a headshot on the jumping opponent to win the round. TenZ is typically a reserved and quiet individual, but even he was impressed by this great play.

TenZ and the Sentinels squad secured their spot in the Challengers Finals with a strong run during the Stage Two Challengers Two main event. It’s unlikely TenZ will hit a clip of this caliber in the Challengers Finals, but fans can hope. 

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