Team Heretics bench ardiis due to health issues

Team Heretics has a fresh player for the next part of VCT Stage Three.

Screengrab via Heretics

Team Heretics decided to bench Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks for the next VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers event due to “health issues,” the team revealed today. Amine “Amilwa” Saidi will take his place on the lineup.

Heretics were formerly a dominant team in European VALORANT after winning First Strike. The team made it to the grand finals of VCT Masters One but lost against ACEND. Their performance saw a steep decline during VCT Stage Two, where they failed to qualify for a Challengers main event. 

In response, Team Heretics made significant roster changes before VCT Stage Three. The team was left with only one active player, Christian “loWel” Garcia, after losing the rest of the roster in the post-Masters Two Reykjavik roster shuffle. 

Ardiis played for G2 Esports before joining Heretics earlier this month alongside Patryk “paTiTek” Fabrowski. The fresh roster did not qualify for the VCT Stage Three Challengers One main event, however. 

Ardiis in particular had a tough time competing due to the health issues that impacted his performance. The pro recently confirmed that he’s been “in and out” of the hospital, which likely made it tough to compete at the highest level of VALORANT. The complications led to Heretics benching ardiis and replacing him with Amilwa today.
Heretics have another chance to make it to Masters Three Berlin and return to the top of European VALORANT in the VCT Stage Three Challengers 2 event.

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