Team Envy’s Victor tests positive for COVID-19 at 2021 VCT Champions, Riot confirms

Another player has tested positive at the event.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Champions fans will be disappointed to know that more bad news has come from tournament officials today. Riot Games has confirmed that another player at the event has tested positive for COVID-19. During mandatory testing in Berlin, a member of Team Envy has come back with unfortunate results.

The player in question was former CS:GO pro Victor, who will need to compete from an isolated room while his teammates play from a nearby practice room. Additionally, Envy and their opponents will be competing on a LAN network specifically designed in the quarantine facilities in Berlin.

The schedule could change soon, so teams and fans should keep an eye out on VALORANT‘s social media for any adjustments. This news comes after Team Liquid’s Nivera tested positive for the coronavirus two days before the start of the tournament.

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Nivera will also have to play from isolation, as he continues his own self-quarantine away from his teammates and opponents. Should these two teams continue into the tournament, both Nivera and Victor could be able to re-join their team after the group stage ends. Until then, however, the teams will need to play in an completely different environment than the other competing teams.

“I tested positive on two different PCR tests yesterday,” Victor said on social media. “[I’m] super sad the LAN experience is ruined for my team and our opponents. I’m heartbroken. On a different note, shoutout to Riot for handling the situation very well.”

Although the situation is rough for most parties, it’s good to see that Riot had contingency plans for these types of situations, so that competition can still continue without disrupting the games too much while taking care of the safety and health of everyone involved. VALORANT Champions will continue until Sunday, Dec. 12.