T1 signs Flights as VALORANT content creator

The popular creator has found a new home.

Screengrab via T1

T1 has expanded its presence in VALORANT by signing Flights as a content creator, the organization announced today. Flights is known for his impressive plays with Raze and has over 450,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Flights is a popular YouTuber and streamer who's constantly impressing his viewers with intense and exciting clips. He uses Raze in the majority of his matches and can quickly move around the map by using her blast packs. 

He started uploading videos during the VALORANT beta and has amassed over 450,000 subscribers. He also has over 156,000 Twitch followers and regularly streams to thousands of people. His videos are an excellent resource for Raze mains and can help players rank up and support their teams. 

Some of his clips have caused opponents to call him a cheater, but it's clear that he's a talented player who's mastered Raze’s abilities. Flights hinted at his signing to fans earlier this week and many are excited to see the talented player find an organization to call home. 

T1 was one of the first organizations to enter the professional VALORANT scene and has several former CS:GO players on its roster. The team earned a top-eight finish in the VALORANT First strike event last month and is considered one of the top squads in North America. 

T1 fans can now enjoy Flights' VALORANT content alongside the professional team and will likely see collaborations in the future.

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