Steel joins T1 as VALORANT team’s in-game leader

Steel has found a new home.

Image via T1

Joshua “steel” Nissan has found a new home on T1’s VALORANT roster, the organization announced today. 

Steel is a CS:GO veteran turned VALORANT pro who joined 100 Thieves in September 2020. He was a crucial part of the team’s early success, helping them win North America First Strike and qualify for the first Masters event in Stage One of the VALORANT Champions Tour. 100 Thieves haven’t won a significant event since, though they’ve maintained their spot as one of the top teams in the region. 

After a disappointing top-four finish at VCT Masters Berlin, Steel was removed from 100T’s active roster before the Last Chance Qualifier. 100 Thieves used Aaron “b0i” Thao as a replacement and fans wondered where Steel would go next. 

100 Thieves announced yesterday that Steel was being transferred to a new team, but the org didn’t reveal where he was going. Fans learned where the talented player is headed today, though, when T1 named Steel the team’s new in-game leader. T1’s head coach David Denis welcomed Steel in the announcement video. 

“Josh has a really impressive record as an IGL,” Denis said. “We really wanted a strong leader, a strong voice, someone that could bring a lot of direction to the team.”

Steel ended the announcement video by explaining that his new team is working hard to prepare for the 2022 VCT season to make sure they make it to next year’s Champions event. T1 are sitting in the 14th spot in North America right now, according to But Steel is an excellent addition who can help them climb the ranks. 

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