Split temporarily removed from competitive VALORANT queue due to exploit

Split is out, for now.

VALORANT map Split.
Image via Riot Games

Developers Riot Games has pulled Split from the competitive VALORANT queue following the discovery of a map exploit, the company announced today

The date for its return is yet to be revealed, but players will likely have to wait only a few days considering the exploit will be hotfixed. 

The specific exploit was not mentioned by Riot, but it could relate to the Jett updraft in heaven, which can cause players to be lodged above the entrance. Although this exploit had been in the game for some time, it grew in notoriety over recent days on social media sites like Reddit

Players were able to updraft on Jett using the lights as a landing point. They had to stand on the boxes toward the entrance of heaven from the defender’s side and use both updrafts toward the wall of the attacking side entrance. Players could land on one of the lights above the entrance after slowly drifting downward. 

This allowed Jett players to gain a bird’s-eye view of heaven, one of the most important areas of offense for the A-site. The spot covered the ropes area, which is used to connect the middle of the map from heaven. 

This clipping is likely unintentional as Riot likely expected players wouldn’t be able to reach that high of a vantage point on the map. 

The VALORANT map pool will receive a new addition soon. On June 7, VALORANT data miner and prominent community figure Mike “Valorleaks” said that the codename for the new map is “Pitt.” Little else is known about the map, however, but the map could be located in Lisbon, Portugal, according to Cynprel for Valorleaks

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