VALORANT player finds new hiding spot for Jett on Split

Look out for hiding Jett players.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player has found a new spot that Jett can reach by using both Updraft abilities in A Heaven on Split. 

Hiding spots in VALORANT are an excellent way to save your weapon if you find yourself as the final player alive on your team in an unwinnable situation. Weapons are expensive and holding on to your rifle is often a better option than trying to clutch and losing it. Some spots can only be reached with specific agents, like a new spot in A Heaven on Split. 

VALORANT player amenbo posted a short clip showing an elevated position in A Heaven on Split that Jett can use as a hiding spot. There are several lights above the area, which Jett can land on using her Updraft ability. These areas provide an excellent vantage point of the entire area, including the connector leading to ropes. Most players won’t check this angle when searching for the final player, meaning Jett players can secure a sneaky kill or save their weapon. 

Jett’s abilities would be better used in other scenarios in most situations, so we don’t recommend using this spot unless needed. Don’t save both Updrafts specifically for the hiding spot since your team would benefit more from them throughout the round.

Other players should remember this spot if they find themselves hunting for a Jett player to avoid letting them save their gun or secure a cheeky kill. The hiding spot might be removed in a future patch, but keep it in mind for the time being.