Sova’s Recon Dart can attach itself to Raze’s Drone in VALORANT

For on-the-go mayhem.

Image via Riot Games

Players are still finding weird and wonderful uses for every agent’s abilities in VALORANT.

While playing a game in the closed beta, one fan was preparing to launch Sova’s Recon Dart to scout out the enemy team, like any good Sova player would. But their dart was intercepted by an ally’s ability.

When it fired, it attached itself by mistake to Raze’s Drone, creating a new ability altogether. The Recon Dart continued to work and became a moving sonar emitter on top of the obvious explosion that would occur if Raze’s ability found a target.

This combo provides a nice look into how the meta and game are continually evolving as players and streamers find more interesting ways to use their abilities on the various maps. It also could be the start of a trend where VALORANT players attempt to use abilities in conjunction with one another to try to create other unusual combinations.

It’s unclear how many players will pick up this interesting new mechanic or, more importantly, if it consistently works. After all, there’s always a chance that Riot could just patch this out in the future if it turns out to be a bug.