Sova player shows off some perfect double shock dart angles in VALORANT

"Wherever they run, I will find them."

Image via Riot Games

As Sova players continue to learn about VALORANT‘s various maps, more and more angles are discovered for their useful arrows. In fact, one player has discovered a few deadly double shock dart angles that can take down a defending player before they even realize what’s happening.

Each angle has the player stand in a certain area before the round begins, lining up their crosshair to ensure the arrows land right where they need to be to quickly take down an enemy at the start of the round.

On the map Split, for example, an attacking Sova must learn two spots near A site to land two shock arrows into the A Ramps area, which is a popular spot for defenders to hold while waiting for opposing attackers. With good timing, Sova’s shock darts will land at the exact same time and deal enough damage to kill an enemy at full health with armor.

Bind also has a useful double shock dart angle that can help your team push into the A site. Again, you must find the right spot to stand in, angle your crosshair correctly, and fire your arrows at the right times to ensure that the shock damage is maximized.

If successful, both arrows will land right into the popular “U-Haul” area of the map. This spot is held primarily by defenders who are watching A short. If they hit, it’ll give your teammates almost instant access to the site.

The last dart angle is set on Haven, where an attacking player looks to get a quick pick on a player defending A Long. By lining up both shots and firing quickly, you can open up a free push into the site before the rest of the defending team can rotate its defenses.

Try out these dart angles in custom matches or in an actual game before the VALORANT closed beta ends on Thursday, May 28.