Sentinels dominate NUTURN to secure spot in VCT Masters 2 Reykjavík grand finals

Sentinels have not lost a map at Masters Reykjavík.

Image via Sentinels

Sentinels continued their undefeated run in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavík tournament today by defeating NUTURN 2-0. This win secures Sentinels’ spot in the grand finals, pushing them one step closer to winning the first international VALORANT LAN. 

Masters Reykjavík has been an intense tournament for most teams besides Sentinels, who haven’t dropped a single map. They started their rampage on May 25 with a 2-0 win against Fnatic and had little trouble repeating that result against Team Vikings. But many considered NUTURN, the only other undefeated team in the upper bracket, as a real threat to Sentinels. 

Sentinels started the series with an impressive 13-5 victory on NUTURN’s map pick, Bind. SicK and TenZ led the team with 20 and 19 kills, respectively. NUTURN only won one round in the second half as Sentinels devastated them while attacking. 

Map two was even more challenging for NUTURN. They struggled to win a round against Sentinels on offense and only managed to win two in the first half. They did win the first two rounds in the second half, but Sentinels won the next three rounds to close out the series with an impressive 13-4 victory.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a retired CS:GO player who currently plays VALORANT for the Sentinels. See the gear TenZ used to compete at the highest level.

Sentinels have secured their spot in the grand finals and won’t play again until Sunday, May 30. NUTURN, on the other hand, will have another chance in the lower final. They’ll face either Fnatic or Team Liquid.

Sentinels will play in the grand finals on May 30 at 12pm CT. 

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