Sage’s wall can block Ascent’s door switch in VALORANT

The agent's wall can help prevent a team from locking down the site.

Image via Riot Games

A creative VALORANT player discovered that Sage’s wall can block the door switch on A site in Ascent, making it impossible for either team to close the door. 

The player uploaded a clip showing how to place the wall to block the switch. Players just need to deploy the wall in A tree and make sure it goes through the wall into A site. If the wall is placed correctly, other players will not be able to close the door without destroying the wall. 

This wall placement is situational, but it can help prevent an attacking team from closing the door for a brief period. They can still destroy the wall to access the switch, but it does buy a few crucial seconds. Agents such as Jett and Omen can use their abilities to quickly enter the site before the enemies close the door. 

Other players pointed out that the defending team can destroy the door at the beginning of the round. Players just need to close the door and shoot it to remove it for the remainder of the round. But not all players will have time to do this, and using Sage’s wall can still be beneficial. 

Sage is an often overlooked agent who has been severely nerfed. Her ability kit can still fit into team compositions, however, and knowing various wall placements can help her be a valuable asset to a team. 

It is unclear if this is an intentional use for Sage’s wall, but it is worth knowing about this spot in the meantime.