Sage is getting hit by the nerf hammer in VALORANT Patch 1.04

Could this be the end of Sage?

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is targeting Sage in the next VALORANT patch.

VALORANT character design lead Ryan “Morello” Scott discussed upcoming Sage nerfs in a recent livestream, admitting that the agent is “out of control.” 

Sage is the game’s most powerful agent, frequently appearing in pro play and topping the competitive ladder. Her win and pick rates are among the highest in VALORANT from Iron one all the way to Radiant, according to stats site

Sage’s combination of healing, slows, and barriers make her a must-pick agent in almost every scenario. She’s the only agent with team-wide healing in VALORANT, making her a staple for any sensible composition.

“Sage needs pretty big work,” Morello said. But “neutering her” to the point where she’s not fun to play at all, isn’t the answer.

Morello didn’t go into the specifics of the Sage changes, but he insisted her healing wasn’t the issue. “We might have to be really creative,” he said. “But we also might have to be a little extreme with how we have to hit her.” 

Finding a fine balance with Sage will undoubtedly be a difficult task. She’s an agent that risks being “too flat,” according to Morello. Targeting her healing capabilities may be the wrong direction. Further changes to her orbs, her wall, and even her ultimate could be on the cards.

VALORANT Patch 1.04 is expected to go live on Tuesday, July 21.