Riot’s new Sentinel of Light mobile VR website teases new Vandal skin for VALORANT

Get ready to battle against the Ruination across multiple universes.

Image via Riot Games

With League of Legends’ upcoming Sentinel of Light event kicking off in various Riot Games titles soon, fans continue to get hints and teases on what content is on the way. In a new mobile VR website for the event, for example, the developers might have teased a new weapon skin for VALORANT.

When a user accesses the website with their mobile device and starts the “game,” they’ll be prompted to touch the screen and hold to enter the Sentinel’s Outpost. When granted passage, fans can then click around the room to view multiple areas, including an armory that features a plethora of Sentinel weapons.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The armory has multiple weapons displayed on the wall and on a pedestal that should be recognizable to many League fans, including Lucian’s light relics and Riven’s sword. There is, however, a rifle that’s on the ground, leaning on the side of the wall. It doesn’t look like any weapon that’s featured in League. Instead, it looks like a Sentinel-themed Vandal skin in VALORANT.

In June, Riot released a new trailer for VALORANT’s Episode Three: Reflection and a potential Ruination skin line was shown off in the gameplay. With this new teaser on the Sentinels of Light website, VALORANT players could be getting Ruination and Sentinel skin sets when this grand event kicks off.

You can jump into the battle against the darkness when the Sentinels of Light event begins on Thursday, July 8, which is when League Patch 11.14 is set to release on the live servers. It will last until Tuesday, Aug. 10.

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