Riot working on agent-specific keybinds for VALORANT and “want to invest in” a toggle for skin levels

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Image via Riot Games

VALORANT made waves in the FPS scene by integrating abilities and spells with precise gunplay. But there are still plenty of quality-of-life features missing.

Riot addressed some fan concerns in today’s Ask VALORANT blog, discussing a toggle for skin animations and custom keybinds for each agent. While there’s no set time frame for these features, they’re definitely on the horizon.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s first Ultra Edition skinline, the Elderflame Collection, introduced over-the-top animations by allowing you to wield dragons as weapons. While the aesthetics are superb, all the effects can sometimes be distracting. But turning off different skin elements individually (sound, VFX, finishers, reload animations, etc.) is “infinitely complicated,” according to Riot.

“What is more feasible is enabling the option for a player to toggle between all the levels of a skin they own,” Riot said. “This way, if you own a Level 4 Elderflame Operator, you can still toggle down to Levels 1-3, rather than being stuck only using Level 4. A system like this takes time to build and means that the engineers working on it aren’t tackling other equally important gameplay needs.”

While Skin Level Toggling is something the developers “want to invest in,” it might be a while before it goes live.

Custom keybind for each agent, on the other hand, seems like it’ll come a lot sooner.

“Agent-specific keybinds are very high on our priority list and we’ve already started work on the feature,” Riot said. “Exact patch timing is still unknown, but it’s something we want to deliver to players ASAP.”

This feature would let players set different keybinds for each agent, allowing them to fully customize their experience with all of the game’s characters.