Riot showcases Jett in latest VALORANT gameplay teaser

“Be faster.”

Image via Riot Games

Jett takes center stage in VALORANT’s most recent gameplay teaser.

The South Korean poster girl for Riot’s upcoming tactical shooter is one of the most nimble and quick-footed agents in the game. She may not have the same level of mobility as Overwatch’s Tracer, but she’s not far off. 

Jett is one slippery target. Her agile and evasive fighting style lets her take risks like no other character in VALORANT.

In Riot’s gameplay teaser video, Jett finds herself in a one-vs-four situation with the clock ticking. But instead of surrendering to defeat, she took the initiative. She found the vantage point with her Updraft ability and tapped her silenced USP for a headshot kill. 

She threw her opponents off guard by jumping down from the high ground and using her Cloudburst ability. It bounces off a wall and bends its in-flight trajectory. The cloud of fog lands perfectly in the choke point, obscuring the enemy team’s vision for a few brief seconds. When the smoke dispenses, she’s ready, pistol in hand. 

She shoots her USP, finding the headshot before dashing quickly to the left with her Tailwind ability. Two more shots with her pistol and she wins the round for the clutch.

The one ability that wasn’t featured in the teaser was Jett’s ultimate, Blade Storm. After she’s picked up a few kills, she arms herself with a set of deadly throwing knives that have the potential to one-shot enemies. When she scores a kill, it restores a dagger.

VALORANT’s closed beta launches on April 7, giving players the opportunity to try the game for themselves before its release this summer.