Riot reportedly moves previously-canceled VALORANT event with streamers and pros to online format

More information about Riot's FPS is going to be here soon.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games canceled a gameplay capture event for the developer’s upcoming FPS, VALORANT, at the start of the month due to the coronavirus pandemic. But now, it’s going to be held completely online, according to esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau. 

This online event will reportedly be more akin to a closed beta featuring many of the professional esports players, streamers, and YouTubers who were originally supposed to be at the in-person gameplay capture, with a few additions too.

The original cancelation email from Riot said that the company was working hard on a “digital solution which will let you get your hands on the game from the comfort of your home setups,” which is now moving forward. And things could kickoff as early as tomorrow with some new footage, according to Slasher.

“Riot’s previously scheduled Valorant gameplay capture event with big name esports pros, streamers, and youtube creators that was postponed due to the coronavirus will be happening as an online event starting tomorrow through Sunday,” Slasher said. “Valorant developers Anna Donlon, Joe Ziegler, Sal Garozzo and Trevor Romleski will show off the game to attendees to start the weekend, and players will also have an opportunity to face off/capture footage against current Alpha testers on Sat/Sun.”

Slasher said the event won’t be livestreamed, but the footage will be released under embargo in the coming weeks with a pending date of April 3 set by Riot.

This could lead to the announcement of a closed beta around the same time as the Alpha footage is released. Some changes to the VALORANT website already suggest that a closed beta is happening.

Screengrab via Riot Games

More information on who will be involved with this new online event should be coming out soon if it’s going to start up and run throughout the weekend. Fans will likely start seeing gameplay footage over the next few weeks with a potential closed beta coming after that.