Riot Games teases new VALORANT game mode Replication

Get ready for chaos.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready for a new game mode, VALORANT fans. Riot Games previewed a new mode for its tactical shooter today called Replication, which appears to replicate agent abilities or allow more than one player to use the same agent.

The short teaser shows A Site on Breeze and 11 Brimstone smokes covering the area. These are obviously more smokes than Brimstone can typically use, since the entire site is obscured by his abilities. 

The Replication name seems to indicate players can replicate agent abilities like Brimstone’s smoke in the trailer. It might also mean more than one player can use the same agent. Not much more information was revealed in the trailer, but it does open tons of speculation. 

If players can replicate any agent or agent ability, the entire map will be a chaotic mess. Raze can send out dozens of Boom Bots, Sova can launch Shock Darts all over the map, and Sage can block off multiple entrances with her wall. 

Riot did not reveal the extent of the Replication game mode or if there will be a limit to abilities. But the amount of Brimstone smokes in the short clip is a good sign for players looking for a chaotic mode. 

It is also unclear if the game mode will only be available on Breeze. The newest map in VALORANT features a large, open design and is a stark contrast from other maps. Abilities are essential on Breeze, and the Replication mode might be specifically designed for the map. But maps with tighter choke points like Split would likely provide a fun gameplay experience with dozens of abilities covering the entire area.

The release date for Replication was not revealed, but it will likely appear in-game soon. 

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