Riot confirms upcoming nerfs to VALORANT’s Classic pistol and rifle running accuracy in Episode 2

Episode Two's already looking good.

Image via Riot Games

Some hefty balance changes are coming to VALORANT.

Several VALORANT devs discussed Episode Two during today’s livestream, talking about the future of the Classic pistol and the rifle’s run accuracy. While the pistol changes will hit the live servers alongside the new season patch, fans may have to wait a bit longer for the rifle nerfs.

“[The Classic pistol will] be more inaccurate in mid-air at a base line and the faster that you shoot the right click, the more and more wild it’ll get,” senior game designer Sal Garozzo said. “So you’ll have to temper your shots and pace them a little bit.”

Garozzo said the devs want the gun to have “its viable place” and are cautiously nerfing the weapon.

Since the Classic is a free weapon given to all players at the start of the round, it was performing a bit too consistently. This was especially problematic when right clicking mid-air since it maintained its accuracy to deliver lethal headshot damage. Players will now have to take some time in between right clicks, as well as keep their agent on the ground, to be most efficient with the handgun.

And the controversial rifle running accuracy, especially with the Phantom, is also on Riot’s radar. Cloud9’s TenZ first brought the gun’s power to light during his Twitch broadcast two months ago, showcasing how easy it is to run and land headshots.

Garozzo said the devs “have plans” to make rifles less accurate when moving, “bringing that range in for where that’s viable and effective.” Despite this promising news, which was also teased by game designer Max Grossman on Christmas Eve, there’s no set date for when the nerfs will go live.

VALORANT’s Episode Two introduces a new battle pass, duelist Yoru, and extensive changes to the tac shooter’s ranked system. Episode Two, Act One will start on Jan. 12.