Riot targets Breach with Fault Line and Rolling Thunder updates in VALORANT Patch 1.11

Breach is back on the menu.

Image via Riot Games

Fault Line and Rolling Thunder, Breach’s stun and ultimate ability, have received quality of life updates in VALORANT’s latest patch.

Fault Line now charges 20 percent faster and Fault Line and Rolling Thunder cast eight meters away from Breach. 

The undocumented changes came to light on Reddit and were left entirely out of the patch notes. The reason for these changes, according to Riot gameplay designer rycoux, was to “help [Breach’s] teammates play around his utility a little easier.”

Breach, while certainly strong in a competitive environment, leaves much to be desired in solo queue. His skill set is catered to strong communication, working side by side with his teammates. 

These changes should help Breach become a more viable agent, allowing players to use his abilities with fluidity. Instead of relying on teammates and clear comms, players will be able to take the initiative. 

The faster charge also makes using Fault Line far easier in close-quarters situations, allowing for more reactionary plays.

It’s unclear how these changes will affect solo queue and pro play, but if all goes according to plan, they should be received well by Breach players.